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About ssiFX

 ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. is a Canadian-based company specializing in the implementation and distribution of foreign-exchange forecasting systems. The company is a subsidiary of ssi Real-Time Systems, which specializes in the development of real-time forecasting systems for all traded financial products.

ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. products are primarily designed for use by retail, entrepreneurial and institutional forex traders engaged in spot non-deliverable forex trading. Forex forward and derivative traders can also utilize the system given the direct correlation of these markets with the spot market. Current forecasting coverage is for the eight (8) majors, namely, the US dollar, the Swiss franc, the British pound, the Japanese Yen, the European Union Euro, the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and the New Zealand dollar.

It is anticipated that the South African Rand, the Brazilian real, and the Mexican peso, will be included in later releases. However, given the current political uncertainties in connection with the Euro and the dynamic nature of the current international economic environment, later releases may include a quite different mix of currencies.

ssiFX currency forecasting systems can also be quite effectively used by stock-index and bond-market traders given the very high correlation of these markets with the currency markets. It is anticipated that a later release will incorporate a forecasting module specifically tailored to trading the afore-mentioned  markets. In the meanwhile, experienced stock-index and bond-market traders may still use ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. products to effectively enhance their trading strategies.

It is important to point out that ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. is neither a  foreign-exchange broker nor a hedge-fund manager. Hence the company does NOT accept funds from clients for the purposes of trading. The company's relationship with its clients is strictly limited to the leased access of its products. The company may however, from time to time, refer interested clients to entrepreneurs (typically employing the so-called PAMM accounts vehicle, i.e Percentage Allocation Management Module), private and institutional hedge-fund management companies utilizing ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. products.