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ssiFX Forecasting System


The ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. currency forecasting system is ideally suited for forex traders for whom trading is either a profession or a significant source of income. The system can be mastered within a few hours by anyone with a basic familiarity of the mechanics (i.e. buying and selling) of forex trading.

Although internally mathematically and computationally sophisticated, the system is designed to be extremely simple, visually intuitive, and user-friendly.

The visually simplicity of the system is further enhanced by the user's ability to customize formats and layouts within standardized templates. 

The system is readily accessible via an internet browser running on a standard Windows-based PC.


ssiFX Currency Sets and Panels

A ssiFX currency set is defined as the set of currency pairs monitored by the ssiFX system which have a common base or secondary currency. A ssiFX currency set is defined for each of the currencies monitored by the system.

Thus, given that the ssiFX system (currently) monitors the USD, the CHF, the GBP, the JPY, the EUR, the CAD, and the AUD; then the USD currency set comprises of the USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURUSD, USDCAD, and the AUDUSD currency pairs. Notice that the USD is common to all currency pairs, either as the base currency or as the secondary currency. Currency sets are similarly defined for each of the other ssiFX monitored currencies.

Each currency set, including the virtual global currency sets (see below), is displayed in a ssiFX currency set panel (copyrighted).

The rows of each currency set panel comprise of currency pairs of which the panel's currency set forms either the base or the secondary currency of each currency pair.

The columns of each currency set panel are color-coded indicators of each currency pair's computed real-time forecasted strength, weakness, or neutrality. The columns also display current bid-ask prices, trading entry/exit points, along with real-time system information pertaining to the data flow and computational integrity of each currency pair. 


ssiFX (Virtual) Global Currency Sets

The ssiFX system also dynamically generates two conceptual virtual global currencies (US Patent-Pending). These virtual global currencies (incorporating the majors, exotics, and financial/non-financial commodities as valuation-baskets) are mathematical functions of the factors influencing currencies monitored by the system.

ssiFX currency sets and the associated currency set panels are also defined for each of these virtual currencies.


System Access

To access the system, a client must first register with ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. either as a limited-time demo user or as a paid subscriber. In both cases, the client is assigned a system Login Access ID (the client's email address), a username and atrading password.

After accessing the ssiFX Home Page, a client logs in to the ssiFX Gateway Page. The ssiFX Gateway Page authenticates the client's assigned system Login Access ID.

Upon successful system Login Access ID authentication, a client is linked to the ssiFX Main Menu Page. The ssiFX Main Menu Page facilitates access to the ssiFX Trading Functions (forecasts' pages), the ssiFX Administrator Functions pages (paid subscribers only), and the Trading Strategies and Techniques pages.


Trading Functions 

To access the trading pages, a client's trader username and password must first be authenticated. Upon successful authentication, the client may link to a Currency Selection Page. Here the client selects the currency set(s) which he, or she, would like to monitor.

Upon successful currency set(s) selection, the client can link to the Currency Forecasting Page where a real-time display of selected currency set(s) panels are rendered. Alternatively, a client may choose to customize the currency set(s) panel formats and layouts by visiting the Display Styles, General Colors, Column Colors, or Layouts pages.


Administrator Functions

To access the Administrator Functions pages, a client's administrator username and password must first be authenticated. Upon successful authentication, the client can link to a Password Administration Page. Here the client may change the ssiFX issued passwords and monitor the current status of login licenses.