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Gateway Page

This page is used to screen access to the core ssiFX system.

Registered users must enter their assigned Login Access ID, which is simply the email address they registered with ssiFX Real-Time Systems, Inc. as their primary email contact address.

First-time demo users must enter a valid email address and tick the Demo Request checkbox in order to receive their limited-time demo name and password.

Returning demo users with unexpired name/password need not tick the Demo Request checkbox.

Upon successful authentication, a user is automatically redirected to the ssiFX Main Menu Page where the user can navigate to the ssiFX Trading Ftns pages, Administrator Ftns pages, Email/SMS Alerts pages (to be implemented), and the Trading Strategies & Techniques pages. Note that navigation to the latter requires a re-login via the ssiFX Gateway Page for continued access to the ssiFX Main Menu Page.

A feature of this page, and all other ssiFX pages, is a message box which is used to dynamically communicate ssiFX system messages to the user.